Outstanding Volunteer

Outstanding Volunteer
Posted on 12/22/2016
Flowing Wells Junior High School is proud to nominate Mr. and Mrs. Don and Pennie Collier as our Mustang Volunteers of the Year. Mr. and Mrs. Collier, also known as Mrs. Sweet’s wonderful parents have volunteered their time at our school for the past three years. Before they became esteemed volunteers at the junior high, they were proud volunteers in Mrs. Sweet’s classroom at Richardson Elementary.

During any given week, you can walk into the math building and see Mr. and Mrs. Collier working one­on­one with individual students or with small groups who could benefit from additional help in order to better understand seventh grade math concepts. Mr. and Mrs. Collier not only work with Mrs. Sweet’s students, they gladly support our seventh grade math team as a whole. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Collier are valued and appreciated not only because of the time that they share with our students each week, but also for believing in our school­wide core values. In each of our classrooms, students are reminded that they are explorers, authors, problem solvers, scientists, artists, mathematicians, and scholars. Mr. and Mrs. Collier truly believe that our Mustangs are each of these things and personally help our students reach their fullest potential as problem solvers, mathematicians, and scholars.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Collier on being selected as Flowing Wells Junior High Volunteers of the Year!