FWJH Artists

FWJH Artists
Posted on 04/30/2018
We are proud to share an awesome outreach project our budding FWJH artists had the opportunity to take part in!

Art Club members Anna C., Emma M., Jimena O., Nhy Y T., and Isabelle D. ventured to Tucson Village Farm to create a dynamic mural on the side of the chicken coop. The design, inspired by 8th grader Evan M., took students a mere 1.5 hours to sketch out with chalk, paint, and add detail. 

Partnerships with the University of Arizona 4-H program and Tucson Village Farm have provided our Art students the experience to leave a positive imprint on our Tucson community!

FWHS Art students partnered with the Tucson Village Farm to paint a new design on the side of their chicken coop.