Our Story

At Flowing Wells Junior High School in Tucson, Arizona, we believe in our students. We believe in their desire to learn, in their capacity for kindness, and in their perseverance as they tackle rigorous academics. We believe in our students’ ability to achieve dreams, and as educators we recognize we are the humble custodians of those dreams.

We envision our school as a home. Home is where you feel safe and secure to be yourself. Home is where you turn to important family members for guidance, support, and love. Home is where it is okay to make mistakes, to learn in different ways, and to have a bad day. Flowing Wells Junior High School is home, and our students, our staff, our community—we are all family.

Flowing Wells makes it our mission to provide a safe place in which students can take risks and explore who they are meant to be. Upon entering our school, every visitor and family member reads these words:

                                           When You Enter FWJH

We realize that junior high is the threshold of young adulthood for our students, the first stop as they set foot on a winding path that will lead to college and career. At the same time, our students are still children, young and unsure of their place, still figuring out how to balance home, school, and a personal life of interests, friendships, and self-discovery. Our job is not to expose students to the limitations they may meet in their journey, but to illuminate every single path that could lead them to success. Our job is to create a learning environment that develops skills and higher-order thinking, to provide as many opportunities as possible for them to discover their true talents, and to help them build the confidence to choose their own unique path to their success— to their dreams. These opportunities include:





Rocket Club

Ecology Club

Physical Education


Kindness Club

Senators Trip


Algebra (HS credit)

Science of Baseball Club


Student Aides

       Leadership Retreat

Science Trips

Art Wizards Club

Student Council

Cadet Teaching

Train Club

Spanish (HS credit)





Media Arts



We Believe ...

Students learn best in an atmosphere that they regard as safe, nurturing, and stimulating.Students flourish in classrooms characterized by high expectations and rigorous and relevant activities.Nothing is more important than talented, well-prepared teachers who engage students and teach them to think and problem solve.All students can become self-directed, responsible, and productive members of their community.A well-rounded student needs an opportunity to explore a broad range of artistic, athletic, and vocational activities.