Band and Orchestra

band orchestra
Many of our Mustangs spend time working on getting their inner musical Mustang tuned up and ready to perform. Instrumental music classes are an important area for Mustangs to work together on making a product where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. No matter the ability level of a musical Mustang, we have an appropriate class for them.

Mustang Band and Cadet Orchestra

These classes are the beginning level of instrumental musicianship. Mustangs in these classes spend time getting to know the ins and outs of their instrument, as well as the basics of musicianship including note reading. Mustangs in these classes perform in concerts at FWJH in December and May.

Symphonic Band (A/B) and Concert Orchestra

These classes are for Mustangs who successfully passed the beginning skills covered in the beginning level class (whether at the JH or an elementary school). Mustangs in these classes review the basics of musicianship and work on creating sounds and music that is beyond “Hot Cross Buns”. These two classes perform in concerts at FWJH in December and May and the District Festivals in February.

Concert Band and Sinfonietta

These classes are for Mustangs who have demonstrated the time and dedication it takes to pass the intermediate levels of playing their instruments. These classes are where Mustangs really focus on expanding the ranges they can play on their instruments, both in the notes they can play and their abilities to express different ideas and emotions through a variety of playing techniques. These two classes perform in concerts at FWJH in December and May, the District Festivals in February, and state-wide festival in March.

Advanced Instrumental Ensemble

This class is for advanced musical Mustangs who want to spend even more time dedicated to making music. This class is composed of students from both the Concert Band and the Sinfonietta who want to learn more about composing and arranging music, as well as how to lead rehearsals with other musicians. Mustangs in AIE are the musical ambassadors for FWJH and can often be heard playing for special occasions around campus, as well as at visits to elementary schools and other areas of the greater FW community.