Choir and Drama

FWJH Choir

For our students whose Inner Mustangs are singers, FWJH offers three different choir options for Mustangs to enjoy!  Each choir is an elective class that students can select.  Lady Mustangs is an all girls choir, Mustang Singers is a beginning mixed group, and Cantos Bellos is our advanced, mixed group.  Students in Cantos Bellos must audition.  In addition to singing advanced music, Cantos Bellos travels to California each winter to perform at the Queen Mary and Disneyland! Mr. Hill takes his personal and professional love of music and instills in his students the importance of teamwork, self-confidence, hard work, and the idea that being a good person not only benefits a student in the choir classroom, but in life!

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FWJH Drama 

In addition to our other fine arts offerings, Flowing Wells Junior High offers two drama electives as well!  Intro 2 Acting is a beginning-acting class open to 7th graders.  Students learn stage presence and confidence through the use of theatre games, improvisation, and scene study.  Further, students discover that the art of acting involves imagination, taking chances and having FUN! This class has been known to build the self-confidence of Mustangs all over campus.

Theatre Productions is an advanced drama class made up of students who have auditioned to participate.  This class is an exploration of acting, singing, dancing, stage management, lighting, sound, makeup, stagecraft and scenery. Theatre Productions is the real-life application of what it means to be a part of a production. Not only does this class become a well-oiled performing machine, but we also become a theatre family!

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