Visual Arts

Art - Two Dimensional Design

Art is all around us!  When you look at the world through an artist’s lens there is opportunity to think differently.  Art at Flowing Wells Junior High gives students the chance to try out new ideas, develop a foundation of varied art skills, techniques, and concepts, and provides a safe studio environment to investigate creative thoughts.  Students produce, discuss, and write about their own art and that of others and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves through the art-making process both in General Art and Advanced Art courses.  Art teaches dedication and commitment, a sense of accomplishment, and visual communication that are essential life skills.

art collage


Securing memories is what Yearbook is all about.  This course uses a state-of-the-art yearbook computer program to design a completed, bound publication that embodies a theme, photos, stories, and recordings of the year’s events.  Students learn the basic principles of good journalism and are required to write, edit, revise, take photos, design layouts, think creatively and meet serious deadlines.  Communication, organizational skills, working as a team player, and applying computer skills are the foundation to the success of Yearbook.

Ceramic Art

Ceramic art is a fun, hands-on class which develops many skills across the curriculum. Students learn the entire process of building clay art projects, from wedging the clay to glazing their art work. The students are involved in the creative art process as they learn to apply the principles of design. The ceramic art curriculum includes basic geology and the chemistry of glaze making as the artists mix their own low fire glazes from elements found on the periodic table. Social studies concepts are included in the study of the art work of various cultures such as the Pueblo people of the Southwest and the Igbo mask makers of Nigeria. Our junior high artists also develop time management skills, patience, and teamwork as they learn about and explore the exciting world of clay.

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